Top 4 Recommended Shampoo Bowls for Hair Salons

Shampoo bowls have tremendous importance to any beauty salon. In order for your customers to be comfortable and happy while getting their hair washed means you will want a high-quality shampoo bowl in your salon that can handle the daily wear and tear.

Here are Beauty Workspace’s top four salon shampoo bowls that we recommend.

1. Belvedere 8400k Backwash Unit

The 8400K Backwash Unit is a classic shampoo bowl manufactured by Belvedere that is found in most professional salons. It has a porcelain enamel cast iron bowl that comes with a 522 fixture-sprayer-strainer. Those who want to purchase this model will have to order a mounting bracket separately as it is not included with the product.

2. Belvedere 2800 Beta

The 2800 Beta shampoo bowl manufactured by Belvedere is shaped in the traditional rectangular form, with the shampoo bowl being a cast acrylic/ABS solid. The 2800 Beta shampoo bowl comes with a mounting bracket and a 522 fixture-sprayer-strainer. This shampoo bowl model is available in black which makes it easy to clean.

3. Belvedere 8600 Pivoting Porcelain

The 8600 Pivoting Porcelain varnished cast iron bowl manufactured by Belvedere is available with a flexible drain hose, a wall-mounting bracket, and a 522 fixture-sprayer-strainer. The product has an adjustable tilt of 10 degrees in the forward direction and can be tilted 5 degrees backward from the center. If a salon location wants a shampoo bowl without a pivoting bracket, then this product is also available as the 8400K model mentioned previously on the list.

4. Belvedere 3800 Alpha

The 3800 Alpha shampoo bowl manufactured by Belvedere is a cast iron, porcelain protected bowl known for its unparalleled durability. This model is perfect for busy salons that want durable and long-lasting products that show no signs of wear and tear over time. The 3800 Alpha shampoo Bowl is resistant to damage even when it is being used regularly.

While this may sound like an overstatement, it is not easy for hair salons to survive without the right shampoo bowls. Shampoo bowls are essential salon equipment which is used in various salon services such as hair dyeing, hair styling, mini facials, toner applications etc. The four shampoo chairs mentioned on this list surpass numerous others in terms of quality, functionality, easy to install, and style.

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