Dryer Chairs: Choose the Best One for Your Salon

The level of comfort delivered to clients is a crucial factor that determines a salon’s success. From the moment clients walk in through the doors till the moment theyleave, you have to ensure that they are comfortable. This includes factors such as the overall vibe of the place, the quality of furniture and even the magazines provided for light entertainment. Speaking of furniture, you need to ensure that all the chairs in your salon are of the finest quality, including dryer chairs.

Our top five dryer chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide superior comfort and convenience to customers and staff alike.

1. Libra Dryer Chair

The Libra Dryer Chair is available in a bold red shade that instantly makes it the center of attention in any room. This dryer chair can be used with a HD-195 dryer which is sold separately. Black arm rests paired with abright red seatgives a classy vintage look which is not easy to come by. The chair is manufactured by Takara Belmont and has a wider backrest and seat for providing maximum comfort and convenience. This item has a standard base and costs $660.10.

2. Calcutta Dryer Chair

Manufactured by Belvedere, the Calcutta Dryer Chair has a sleek and elegant look which is enhanced by the deep black hue. The strong precast black arms and hat embossed in the back of the chair also add to its overall charm.Without being gaudy, this chair can elevate theoverall style of your salon. This classic dryer chair can be bought for $347.25.

3. Vixen Dryer Chair  

The Vixen Dryer Chair is another elegant piece manufactured by Belvedere. It comes with removable arm rest pads and an embossed back. This dryer chair features a chrome tubular steel frame and is a perfect fit for Belvedere dryers. The dryer is not included with the chair and needs to be purchased separately, with the Mega dryer being a good choice. The Vixen Dryer Chair is priced at $358.50.

4. Strip Tease Dryer Chair 

Sleek and modern, the Strip Tease Dryer Chair has an aluminum structure and a removable vinyl cover for enhanced functionality. Manufactured by Takara Belmont, this dryer chair has a standard base with an upholstered dryer box. The dryer has to be purchased separately. The Strip Tease Dryer Chair is also available in black and costs $1162.

5. Belle Dryer Chair

This interesting dryer chair has a design that is simply unique. The Belle Dryer Chair is manufactured by Belvedere and has an upholstered seat and box with bright chrome legs and urethane armrests. Its unique design makes the Belle Dryer Chair a good option for salon owners who understand the importance of great designs and high quality material for delivering maximum satisfaction to clients. The chair is available in black and is priced at $431.25.

When purchasing dryer chairs, salon owners must ensure that they have the desired functionality and design. Our list of five dryer chairs manages to stand out in terms of exceptional features and design excellence.