6 Top Spas in the World

Spas signify all that is peaceful and rejuvenating and are the perfect retreat for those looking to let the stress flow away. This is why individuals who walk through the doors of a day spa are almost unrecognizable when they walk out. The spa industry is becoming competitive with every business in the sector vying against each other for the … Read More

Top 4 Recommended Shampoo Bowls for Hair Salons

Shampoo bowls have tremendous importance to any beauty salon. In order for your customers to be comfortable and happy while getting their hair washed means you will want a high-quality shampoo bowl in your salon that can handle the daily wear and tear. Here are Beauty Workspace’s top four salon shampoo bowls that we recommend. 1. Belvedere 8400k Backwash Unit … Read More

Dryer Chairs: Choose the Best One for Your Salon

The level of comfort delivered to clients is a crucial factor that determines a salon’s success. From the moment clients walk in through the doors till the moment theyleave, you have to ensure that they are comfortable. This includes factors such as the overall vibe of the place, the quality of furniture and even the magazines provided for light entertainment. … Read More

Cabinetry: Five Best Cabinets for Your Salon

Salon furniture such as mirrors and cabinetry play a vital role in creating a comfortable and soothing ambiance for clients. Hence, it is essential that the selected furniture matches your interior and is convenient to use. The five cabinetry designs mentioned below fulfill both purposes – not only can they provide unmatchable convenience for salon staff and customers, but are … Read More

Barber Chair Highlights

What’s in a chair? – This is a question no hair stylist would ever ask. As professionals, they understand the significance of having a barber chair that stands out, not only because of its appearance but also because of the numerous features that can create a better experience for their clients. Certain products such as barber chairs are important tools of … Read More

6 Salon Decor Tips to Make Your Reception Area Feel Alive!

When businesses first ventured out into cutting hair, customers would visit them occasionally, get their hair cut, pay and walk off. The whole focus was on what the price was and if the barber did an okay job with their hair. Today, the situation is totally different. Salons and Hairdressers now are related to more than just hair. In fact, … Read More