Barber Chair Highlights

What’s in a chair? – This is a question no hair stylist would ever ask. As professionals, they understand the significance of having a barber chair that stands out, not only because of its appearance but also because of the numerous features that can create a better experience for their clients.

Certain products such as barber chairs are important tools of the trade. No matter your skills, a client may refrain from returning because of a backache they got from their last visit.

Mentioned below are five barber chairs that have made their way successfully into the world of style and fashion.

1. The Legacy Barber Chair

Manufactured by Takara Belmont, the Legacy Barber Chair is a 30s art deco style barber chair available in a bold red color. The Legacy Barber Chair is upholstered and padded to perfection, with bars installed for hanging towels. Barber straps and plastic side panels are attached to create further ease. The chrome detailing and drop back mechanism adds to the overall appeal of this barber chair and the footrest can be tipped back to support calves. The Legacy Barber Chair also has an anti-tip bar and a standard hydraulic base. It can be bought for $4893.00 from Beauty Workspace.

2. The Elegance Elite White Barber Chair

The Elegance Elite White Barber Chair is a little different from the typical barber chairs in the matter of appearance as well as the features that come with it. Manufactured by Takara Belmont, the chair is only available in this immaculate white color which adds an overall look of class and sophistication that is hard to achieve. It comes with classic upholstery, an aluminum body and towel bars/clipper hooks for enhanced functionality. The reclining back and headrest provide additional comfort to customers. TheElegance Elite White Barber Chair is available for $2872.00 at Beauty Workspace.

3. The Dainty Barber Chair

The Dainty Barber Chair is the perfect addition to any salon. No matter the overall theme of your salon, it is a chair you cannot go wrong with. Owners wanting to give their salon a classic look and traditional feel will find that the Dainty Barber Chair fits in faultlessly with their décor. Manufactured by Takara Belmont, the Dainty Barber Chair proudly bears the original Belmont marque and sharp contemporary lines. The Dainty Barber Chair is available for purchase for $1778.00.

4. The Elegance Barber Chair

Taking inspiration from the interior of classic cars, the Elegance Barber Chair has a timeless appeal. The wave spring is the same as the ones used in luxury sofas and its high durability ensures that the chair can withstand heavy usage without compromising on comfort. With flexible upholstery and a standard ‘waving belt,’ the chair provides adequate support for the lower back, allowing customers to maintain perfect posture even when reclining. The Elegance Barber Chair is available for $2723.00 and can be bought in traditional black/classic red from here.

5. The Seville Barber Chair

The Seville Barber Chair is a picture of elegance and class with its embossed accents, trim buttons, and welt. This chair features a locking back release mechanism, aluminum polished footrest and black urethane arms with a standardized hydraulic base. This elegantly yet highly functional barber chair is manufactured by Belvedere and available at Beauty Workspace for $1639.50.

Considering the numerous models of barber chairs available, these five are amongst the most popular due to their exceptional design, comfort, and cost.