6 Salon Decor Tips to Make Your Reception Area Feel Alive!

When businesses first ventured out into cutting hair, customers would visit them occasionally, get their hair cut, pay and walk off. The whole focus was on what the price was and if the barber did an okay job with their hair.

Today, the situation is totally different. Salons and Hairdressers now are related to more than just hair. In fact, salons today have successfully fostered deep bonds with their clients and serve them with an experience on a whole different level.

If you are having a bad day, where do you go? To get your nails done. Who do you rant about your boyfriend to? Your hairdresser. Actually, it won’t be wrong to say that hairdressers are the new therapists.

Since now Americans have these newfound attachments to salons, it’s only expected that because of competition salons compete with each other to become their clients’ favorite.

According to interior designers and psychologists, how a space is designed can have a significant effect on a client’s perception of service. This is why in any service related business, a lot of focus is put on how the space is utilized and designed. Those blessed with large spaces can afford to experiment with almost anything, but not everyone is so lucky.

Sometimes you have to make do in tiny, cramped conditions. This is where clever; out of the box thinking comes in handy. There are a number of ways you can give your salon a major glow to make your clients feel revitalized and happy!

Go light on your walls

The first thing is to go for a very light hue for your walls. The lighter, the better. The reason for this is that dark colors can limit light in the room and make it look smaller than it already is. If you go for a light color, it will help open up space and let more light be reflected in the room.

Make your ceiling stand out

Since you are going for a light color on the walls, it can sometimes look a little bland. This is where you can make use of modifications on your ceiling. You can use bright colors on the ceiling to add dimension. Another cool idea would be to add wallpaper to the ceiling only and leave the walls bare for an interesting look. Light walls with a dark ceiling also give an illusion of a higher ceiling.

Plants and Polish

Plants can instantly add more Zen to any sitting area. It can make your salon look more refined and sophisticated. Vertical hanging plant pots and wall gardens look extremely well with bare walls and give an instant feeling of serenity and calmness.

Choose the Right Furniture

One very important decision to make is what furniture you are going to choose. Just because you have a small reception area does not mean you should always go for small sized furniture. You should always be careful when choosing a relatively large piece of furniture as it can take up all of the attention. It is important to place these pieces in such a way that they do not undermine the rest of the room, but instead, add to it. Secondly, your furniture should be classy and appropriately spaced out.

Clutter is your enemy

Small spaces can usually cause a lot of problems when it comes to putting things away as they can easily look cluttered. This is an absolute no for small salons as it can make them look smaller. Having clutter around can kill your vibe and can ruin any hopes of achieving the polished look you were going for.

The answer is mirrors

Do you want to light up your room, give the illusion of more space and have a decorative piece that goes well with everything? Install a mirror!

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes which means that they are a good fit for whatever theme you have in mind. They can be used in the form of wall tiles or installments as salon mirrors.