Cabinetry: Five Best Cabinets for Your Salon

Salon furniture such as mirrors and cabinetry play a vital role in creating a comfortable and soothing ambiance for clients. Hence, it is essential that the selected furniture matches your interior and is convenient to use. The five cabinetry designs mentioned below fulfill both purposes – not only can they provide unmatchable convenience for salon staff and customers, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

1. Crown Vanity

This elegant vanity is the perfect size which makes it a good fit for any salon. For small salons, you don’t need to buy the mirror which comes along with the Crown Vanity. This item includes a special tool drawer for holding up to two small irons, a clipper cup, one large iron and a dryer. The Crown Vanity comes with group 1 pulls and a lower storage area with an adjustable shelf. Manufactured by Belvedere, this vanity cabinet can be a great addition to any salon and is priced at $2143.50.

2. Kalli Vanity

Manufactured by Belvedere, the Kalli Vanity costs only $2448.75 and features a KA193 mirror panel. This item includes adjustable shelves and storage areas in the cabinets. The Kalli Vanity comes with stainless steel pulls, three drawers and a tilt out tool panel that can hold up to two large and one small iron, a clipper, and dryer.

3. Opal Single Full Mirror Cabinet

The Opal Single Full Mirror is a highly functional and stylish asset for salons. The product has appliance cord storage in the lower section which can help hide ugly cords for a clean and uncluttered space. It also includes a mirror with two fluorescent lamps and an upper open storage space with two pull drawers. Manufactured by Belvedere, the Opal Single Full Mirror has a hard wire on site and a 4-plex outlet behind the door with the wall mount attachments cleats. This product can be bought for $3198.75.

4. Forty-Five Stainless Steel Double Styling Station and Cabinet

This stylish and elegant piece of salon furniture is manufactured by Veeco and is certain to be a favorite of many salon owners. The Forty-Five Stainless Double Styling Station is also available in black and can be bought for $4130.00. This model has two straight shot tool drawers, one holder for a blower, three iron holders and two kayline clipper pockets. There are two rows with open shelf storage space, a fifteen amp six outlet power strip and a stainless cord well. These features combined with the overall design makes the Forty-Five Stainless Steel Double Styling Station the best choice for busy salons.

5. Redman Stainless Steel Make-Up Station and Cabinet

The Redman Stainless Steel Make-Up Station in black is stylish salon furniture designed by Veeco. This model has one 1.5”, two 2.0” and one 3.0” tool holders with a hole on the left side of the deck that acts as a trash bin. It features a six outlet fifteen amp power strip that can be attached to either side of the makeup station in addition to a bottle well under the focal mirror. Two adjustable mirrors are included with the model along with two makeup light bars. However, the bulbs have to be purchased separately. The Redman Stainless Steel Makeup Station has a six-inch drawer and eight glass jars with two tissue dispensers. Manufactured with a stainless construction frame with 80 grit finish tops and adjustable levers, this multi-functional makeup station can be bought for $1715.00.